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With a mission to WOW our customers, Deploy Air’s goal is simple, to showcase your event or project.

Using state of the art technology combined with Aerial shots make the perfect storm for our secret weapon. First impressions are imperative, and in this day and age it is almost always the photographs that make that first impression.

Drone technology has advanced to the place where anyone, including you, can now afford to have professional aerial photos and video taken for your wedding, corporate event, indie film project, music video, or do just about anything else you can imagine.

We take our job, reputation and most of all customers very seriously and as a result we hold ourselves to the highest standard. which results with a huge focus on Professionalism and safety!

We are currently the only aerial photography company in North Texas to require all our our photographers to not only be RCFA and Fly Safe Certified but also abide by the Code of Ethics and Competency Guide for Aerial Photography Companies. In addition, all Pilot / Photographers are required to have a current AMA License and certified as a commercial unmanned aerial system pilot under Part 107 by nthe FAA. We are also fully Insured for any occasion.
Aerial Photography and Videography was once a novelty for most business owners and event planners. But now, anyone can benefit from this amazing service.

“ Fully Insured and FAA Certified”

We use cutting edge technology to deliver
the highest quality products available

We provde you with a more afordable solution to 4k Video and Photography

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Our Dedicated Team

Greg White
Greg WhitePresident
10 Years of Drone experience and established business leader in the community. Instrument rated manned airplane pilot. Certified Part 107 and member of the elite Sky Eye Network
Experienced photographer, videographer, film editor and responsible pilot. Member of the PPA certified professional photographerss.
Licensed part 107 and 333 exempt drone operator with more than five years flying experience in the drone industry. Focus on Aerial Real Estate and Commercial cinematography.
Licensed part 107 certified commercial drone operator for 3 years. Experienced in agricultural analysis and aerial videography.