Aerial Site Intelligence for Surveying & Construction

From pre construction quoting all the way to completion. With Deploy Air you can Measure, Monitor and manage projects with UAS data:

Turn Aerial Images
Into Business Insights

  • Understand what’s happening and make better decision with drone data
  • Simplify pre-construction site planning and design
  • Track and communicate progress at any stage

Survey Accurately
in Real Time

  • Monitor progress and situational safety with Live Map
  • Inspect your entire location without internet or a SD card
  • Get actionable, on-site data with a mobile device
  • Proactively address risks without walking in dangerous zones

Keep Projects On Track
with Progress Photos

  • Create, document, and share a visual timeline with stakeholders using Progress Photos
  • File all drone data in a single, easy-to-use platform
  • Detect and correct plan defects and deviations
  • Streamline decision making with visual context of site conditions

Collect and Calibrate
Site Development

  • View, measure, and export drone data at any point in the project life cycle
  • Evaluate site conditions with built-in measurement tools
  • Compare actual conditions to pre-construction designs

Volumetric Calculations

  • Using Point Cloud Modeling, Deploy Air can capture millions of elevation points to measure your site with total accuracy
  • Use precise measuring and volumetric calculations to measure stockpiles.
  • Instant real-time measurements including distance, area and volume.