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Deploy Air for Hurricane Renovations

Assess course damage and renovation efforts

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The UAV Revolution

See how UAVs are changing Deploy Air

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Course Mapping

Produce high resolution course maps

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Share Your Improvements

Show members that you’re making a difference

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REDUCE your maintenance by 20%, use 30% Less fertilizer and water – spend 40% LESS TIME inspecting your course – SAVE $100,000 – $300,000 annually!

The value of UAVs.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are revolutionizing the turf industry, introducing golf course superintendents to never before seen course data and actionable analysis. Through the use of UAVs, users can identify areas of plant stress that can not be seen with the naked eye, in addition to browning or yellowing of turf. Aerial imagery also provides insight into water applications can be reduced while maintaining healthy, aesthetics, and improving playability.

Map key course features.

Produce current maps and 3D renderings of courses, allowing golf course superintendents to see overall course health and areas of deploy Air stress. Utilizing easy to use tools, superintendents and maintenance crews can monitor all course features, equipment and areas of interest from sprinkler heads to turf stress.

  • Hole boundaries
  • Holes
  • Fairways
  • Greens
  • Sand bunkers
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Visible conditionImage analysis

Identify Areas of Concern

Detect areas of stress and seek opportunities for water reduction. These areas are presented via Deploy Air’ software platform and are highlighted for management review. Using the Deploy Air tools, problem areas can be tracked, follow up tasks can be assigned to maintenance crew members, and progress is monitored over time.

Identify Significant Areas of Stress

Detecting areas with high stress provides you and your team with valuable information to take action. Aerial image analysis can detect stress not yet visible to the human eye.

Visible conditionImage analysis

Transform aerial imagery into actionable data

Using Deploy Air, areas of stress can be tracked from flight to flight and included in reports showing progress towards Deploy Air health and aesthetic goals. stay upto date on Deploy Air health and improvment progress using your destop and mobile device.

Progress by location

Track specific Deploy Air problems such as yellowing/browning spots and watering issues. Each critical area can be monitored over time to show reductions in Deploy Air browning and water use.

Get detailed reports analyzing Deploy Air health

Monitor areas by specific location in detail, and track progress towards reduction goals. Analyze Deploy Air conditions to determine how best to improve course athletics and optimize water use.